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Residential Storm Restoration Appointments

Time is of the essence when it comes to residential storm restoration. Fill you day meeting with qualified homeowners that know who you are and what you do within hours of the storm. We don't just set a Free Inspection...anybody can do that. Our seasoned team of agents will set an exclusive appointment that is guaranteed to include an inspection of the property followed by a consultation to explain the homeowner's options. They are informed before you arrive that you work directly with the insurance company and facilitate the work for insurance proceeds outlined in the statement of loss...this is not a situation where a bid or estimate is given.

It's a perfect scenario for you and your team.

Guaranteed inspection and consultation, guaranteed to be in the damaged area you choose, and 100% exclusive to your company. This is why our contractors close over 50% of our appointment in even the most competitive markets.

Exclusive & Guaranteed
Appointments in Targeted Areas

Commercial Storm Restoration Appointments

The most challenging part of commercial restoration is getting in front of the decision maker. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable agents will do all of the tedious work for you and your team. Don't waste your valuable time trying to navigate through a gatekeeper only to find out they already have a signed contract...that's our job. You can invest your time meeting with the decision maker during a confirmed appointment to discuss their restoration project. Shingled Roofs, Modified Bit, EPDM, Foam, or metal we can determine the type of roofing system and eliminate any "undesirable" opportunities to increase your Return on Investment.

Guaranteed inspection and consultation, guaranteed to be in the damaged area you choose, and 100% exclusive to your company. Don't allow your competition to sign those large apartment complexes, churches, and commercial roofs. Movere Teleservices has a proven track record of getting its customers in the door FIRST!

Experience & Technology

Our team has been generating premium appointments for the storm restoration industry since 1998. Movere leadership consists of over 50 years of combined Teleservices experience and 7 years of "in the field" Storm Restoration. The information and experience gathered from completing hundreds of restorations jobs has proven to be invaluable for our customers purchasing appointments. This intimate knowledge of the restoration process from inspection to completion is applied to every call our team makes for your restoration company resulting in an educated consumer that is eager to start the process and increased ROI for you!

It doesn't matter how good an appointment is if you don't receive it in time or if the information isn't accurate. Movere TeleServices has developed a Lead Delivery System and Lead Management System for our customers to eliminate this from happening. The appointment is delivered via email and SMS Text messaging within seconds of being verified by our Quality Assurance Team. Everything is automated to virtually eliminate inaccurate information and make sure you have time to schedule your team to meet with the homeowner. Our Lead Management System eliminates the need for you to go back through paperwork or emails to locate a past appointment or in a rare circumstance request a replacement for our GUARANTEED appointments. Simply log into our client portal and view all of your appointments in an instant via one of our searching and sorting tools. You can automatically view how many appointments were generated, how many are remaining, order more appointments, request or view the status of any replacement requests and export all information into a spreadsheet or your CRM. The best part about all of this technology is it's FREE to all of our customers.

Pay As You Go Pricing...You Pay After the Inspection!